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✓  Daily Transaction Recording

✓  Full Cycle A/R

✓  Month End Financial Close

✓  Policies Manuals


✓  Full Cycle A/P

✓  Equity Accounting

✓  Procedure Manuals

✓  System Implementation Sales Tax Compliance


✓  Fixed Asset Tracking ✓  Government Filings ✓  1099 Filings ✓  Revenue Accounting

✓ Company Dashboard

✓ Board Packages

✓ Operational Metrics

✓ Management Reports


✓ Variance Analysis

✓ Cash Burn Analysis

✓ Financial Statements

✓ Financial Budgets

✓ Financial Forecasts

✓ Business Modeling

✓ Stock Options

✓ Full Cycle Payroll and Filings

✓ Complete Employee Onboarding

✓ Employee Manuals

✓ Background Checks


✓ I-9 Verification

✓ Employee Health Benefits

✓ 401k Plans

✓ Compliance

✓ Business Development Expertise

✓ Marketing Specialist Insights

✓ CFO Reviews

✓ New Market Analysis

✓ ESOP coordination

✓ ESOP operational accounting assistance

✓ Business liquidation assistance

✓ Systems wind-downs

✓ Shareholder payback management

Start-ups And Emerging Businesses

We will set-up a widely used, secure and user-friendly software to manage your Payroll and HR, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Revenue, Inventory, Equity, General Ledger, Budgeting and Reporting. We use only highly reputed software that you can ‘take home’, if you have to.

You don’t have to get stuck with a ‘do-it-all’ accounting software and have a nightmare situation in case of a transition or a business sale.

Here is the kicker. We place a dedicated team behind all that software so you don’t have to manage any of that and we do the daily (as well as monthly, quarterly and yearly) chores.

Enterprise Level Businesses

If you possess an established internal finance and accounting team and are Interested in augmenting it, we can be the perfect fit. Our highly qualified accountants can take on a function or two from your team to relieve them of high work volumes. You can save money and increase efficiencies by having us by your side. We are conversant with sophisticated software and work processes, so the learning curve is only limited to your company-specific procedures.

Depending on your requirement, your team will be available for support, through open and real-time communication channels. Unlike hiring internal resources, you will not experience ‘off days’ as we allocate an entire team for you and not just a single person.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Pricing

Monthly Costs

$1000 per Month Client Monthly Revenue $0 - $100,000

$2000 per Month Client Monthly Revenue $100,001 - $250,000

$3000 per Month Client Monthly Revenue $250,001 - $500,000

$4000 per Month Client Monthly Revenue $500,001 - $1M

$5000 per Month Client Monthly Revenue $1M - $2M

Let's Discuss Client Monthly Revenue 2M+

All Plans Include: Reporting

Operational Accounting

Included Continued: Compliance

Surprises - In your favor for a change!

Need Past Books cleaned up and updated? - Included

Set Up Fees - Included

No long term commitments - Included

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