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Our comprehensive range of services encompasses various solutions for efficient data management, accurate bookkeeping, effective client management, exceptional customer support, successful sales and marketing strategies, including social media management, content organization, email marketing, telemarketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and much more.

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Virtual Assistant

We provide a wide array of solutions encompassing efficient data management, precise bookkeeping, client management, customer support, sales, and marketing. Our offerings include services such as social media management, organizing content, email marketing, telemarketing, SEO, and other related functions.

General Staffing

We take pride in our distinctive capability to not only provide staffing and recruitment solutions in your local market but also offer options for overseas hiring. In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, having cost-effective choices for positions within your expanding company is crucial.

By engaging Outsourced Staffing Solutions, you gain convenient access to a diverse talent pool of virtual assistants who can effectively streamline your processes and enhance productivity.


Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation

Our Automated Lead Generation system on LinkedIn employs various tools, including connection request sequences, Inmail, event marketing, data mining followed by email marketing. Rather than being constrained by the limitations of a single account, we leverage AI bots to duplicate our efforts and initiate crucial conversations. Essentially, our bots handle the initial stages of the process, targeting the specific individuals you aim to reach and initiating conversations.

Pay per Lead, Lead Generation

Our comprehensive outbound calling pay-per-lead lead generation system is specifically crafted to facilitate rapid business growth. We operate with a transparent fee structure, where there are no setup fees or monthly service charges. You only incur costs based on the actual leads or appointments we generate for you.


Large Call Center Teams

We offer unparalleled resource quality at an affordable price point, ensuring exceptional value for your investment. Our teams consist of 10 or more skilled professionals, providing you with a substantial workforce to meet your needs.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Our pricing structure follows a fixed monthly subscription model, comparable to an internet service plan, but without any usage limits. After assessing your specific requirements and agreeing on a price, it remains unchanged regardless of the hours devoted to your work. We go beyond being a service provider, seamlessly integrating into your finance team to focus on the tasks at hand rather than tracking hours.


Automation and AI Solutions

Experience the convenience of OSS Business Solutions, an all-in-one platform that consolidates multiple solutions. Seamlessly dive into the sales process and start generating revenue for your business in no time. Whether you have an existing agency or are starting fresh, our powerful platform, coupled with exceptional support, will elevate your business to new heights.

Let us fill the gaps your company needs to grow!