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General Questions

This is one of the toughest questions to answer because all businesses are unique! Here are a few indicators that additional staff is needed:
  1. Are you or senior staff doing menial tasks daily, or tasks that could be easily managed by Jr. individuals?
  2. Are there specific skills you or your staff are missing?
  3. Is new business prospecting or worse new business being delayed due to you or your staff being to far behind or overwhelmed?
  4. Are you seeing more complaints or an increased number of customer service requests taking longer to close?
  5. Are you finding it challenging to complete your daily requirements, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Sales Tax, and/or paperwork?
  6. Are you and/or your staff having to stay late and working more hours just to keep up?
  7. Have you been able to take time off or able to take a vacation?
These are just a few of the questions we address when we are doing your company needs assessment, it does not mean that every position needs to be filled (some might be put into automation by your new team), but it could indicate a loss of revenue if they continue to be overlooked.

We take advantage of the most effective ways of lead gen. Some are old school “smile and Dial” systems and some are high tech AI (Artificial Itntelligence) tools. We offer multiple programs to support your unique and specific needs. Finally, each of our programs have different pricing, some are pay per lead or appointment and some are monthly subscriptions.

Fortunately, you will be the final decision maker as it applies to what team you choose. Our job is to select the provider that best fits the team you need, help that provider to give you multiple options to select to then interview until you find a canditate you feel can complete your needs.

This is another that has a huge number of variables. For example, if you need a specific skill, say an antiquated programming language, it might take us a couple weeks to source options with expertise in that specific language. Or, if you need 100+ individuals in your inbound call center support, we can fill that request, it may take us 6-8 to complete get them all on board and get the right supervisers in place.

However, under normal circumstances, we will have options available to you in a few days, the interview process and selection normally takes a few days and then the onboarding takes a couple of days, so, in short, we ask for a week, but in special circumstances we may need a bit longer.

Technically, there is no minimum time as we do not have minimum contracts, however, our focus is not to provide temp or project based freelancers. Our goal is to provide part or full time individuals or teams. If, by some circumstance an individual is not working out (we are human afterall), then we will find a replacement for the role.

Upfront, before you hire. None of the providers we work with have hiddens fees, start up costs, or add ons. You know what your costs are before you start and of course we do not add on fees or costs either. Period.

First, please keep in mind that all providers are US based. And so is Outsourced Staffing Solutions. Therefore all contracts and aggreements are supported and upheld in the US.

That being said, most of the providers we work with provide teams and individuals out of three areas. Sri Lanka, Phillipines, and Honduras. These locations are key, because of the immense, well educated, talent pool available in these countries and just as importantly, the level in which most of the individuals have mastered the English language.

(It has to be said, that for a significant percentage of our staffing solutions, English is their first language, or a language they have spoken since childhood. This limits the challenging accents that can sometimes be an issue) –

Additionally, you will have the ability to hear the indivuals and communicate with them yourself to determine if you think there will be any issues.

This is one of the areas that is unique about us. We only work with providers that actually hire the staff. The outsourced solution you choose will be monitored (usually via slack or whichever communication platform you use) to ensure that tasks are getting completed and fullfilled. We will also be chekcing in with you and the team member reguarly to ensure that everyone is satisfied!

Due to their lack of distractions or interruptions, a remote staff or virtual assistant can accomplish far more than your typical employee in any given day. That is where a challenge presents itself at the onset of a relationship with Outsourced Staffing Solutions as you won’t be accustomed to how much a remote staff can accomplish until you see it first-hand.

Your management of a remote staff is truly paired down to clear communication – both ways. Whether you are simply in need of a virtual assistant or a full team of remote staff, your involvement looks quite similar. It starts with information gathering to ensure alignment on the needs your organization has and how Outsourced Staffing Solutions can help. From there, you will delegate the projects or tasks you need help with by providing clear guidance, then you can essentially remove the tasks from your radar. Upon the agreed upon due date or milestones, your remote employee(s) will deliver their assigned work and move on the next project.

The best part of this type of employee is that if you have another project need, even in a completely different vertical or department, it is the same process, just shift their focus, give the guidance, milestones, and assigned tasks and keep on growing!

Absolutely, Outsourced Staffing Solutions and all of our providers are US based companies, meaning we have offices physically located, licensed, and governed by the state they reside and US federal laws.

Let us fill the gaps your company needs to grow!