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Frequently Asked Questions

Our number one question. Unfortunately, there is a number of questions we need answered before we can accurately quote that number for you. Below is the list of questions we need answers to:

Who the clients are that you are targeting? target companies, industries, position, title, etc (anything more we should know?)

Where the calling list came from or is coming from or are we providing the list (are these cold purchased lead lists, current customers, ETC)

What prior contact has been made (emails, letters, calls, linkedin, none)

Provide scripts currently being used (full scripts or even drafts)

What you consider an appointment (describe all the needed elements name, number, email, position, needs, requests)

There is no catch, there are some specific requirements:

1. We do not work with everybody who requests the service. We vet our potential clients and they must be approved prior to us moving forward.

2. We must establish the minimum and maximum budgets monthly for our clients. This allows us to allocate the appropriate number of resources to the campaign. Yes, we do have minimum budgets but this is determined by the client once the minimum is established.

3. We are not a short term service

We provide all of the resources needed to generate leads:

  1. Call lists when necessary

  2. Equipment and software

  3. Live staff

  4. Facilities

  5. We even offer transportation for the team to and from work

In a nutshell, we risk all the upfront costs and are only paid once we generate a lead.

We work with our clients upfront to ensure we understand and we can meet the needs for what you consider a lead or an appointment. However, keep in mind, the further down the sales cycle we are required to take the prospect, the higher the cost of the lead or appointment.

Paving the Path to Success

We're Experts At Generating Leads and Appointments.

However, this doesn’t mean we are in this alone, you know your business better than any one.  We will be regularly checking in with you on the quality of the leads and appointments we are delivering.  We do this to ensure success of the campaigns, but also to help us train the team that is dedicated to your campaign.  

Why we offer pay per lead!

We found that the lead generation market is saturated with companies who claim to offer top of the line lead generation.   They require the client to in essence cover all the costs of training and building the campaign, risking nothing.  They have no skin in the game and in reality are profiting from day one.  Then, whether the campaign succeeds or fails, the client is required to pay the monthly service fee, again with no risk to the provider.  

Some even offer guarantees, which from personal experience are rarely honored.

All that being said, we wanted to do things differently!

We wanted to be a part of our clients growth, to partner, and to “put our money where our mouth is” to coin a phrase.

So, we did.

Let's Generate Leads For Your Business That Will Convert To Sales.